Cody Knope-Jenkins

Owner, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

As a trainer, Cody focuses on strength, agility, and overall fitness. By blending traditional techniques and modalities with functional fitness, his clients achieve success, and have fun along the way. A lifelong athlete, Cody was drawn towards becoming a personal trainer after seeing the success his parents had when working with one.

With four plus years of experience as a martial arts instructor, a year coaching tumbling for gymnastics and cheer, and a multitude of other fitness related jobs, he decided to become a Personal Trainer. He managed the Snap fitness in Milwaukie, Oregon, for a little over a year, while also working as a trainer. He decided to step down as manager so he could go back to school to continue his education, and currently attends Portland State University.

After working as a trainer for three years in the corporate gym setting, he grew tired of that environment, and knew it was time to move on and start his own fitness studio. With eight years working as a coach and instructor, Cody knows what he is doing, but is still incredibly passionate about helping people reach their goals. He has helped three people lose over a hundred pounds, and many people lose smaller, but still significant amounts of weight. He has worked with semi professional athletes looking to improve performance, as well as people looking to gain muscle, or drop bodyfat. No matter what your goal, he can help you achieve it.