UPDATE: Check out our new site! Knope-Jenkins Personal Training is becoming Skyhook Ninja Fitness, a 11,525 sq ft American Ninja Warrior gym! Everything that made us great will be there, but at a more professional level! We will have life size obstacles from American Ninja Warrior, Team Ninja Warrior, and the show that started it all, Sasuke. In addition to the obstacles, we will have three Olympic quality trampolines, A climbing wall, a fitness and weightlifting area, a spring floor, and so much more! Check out our new website! We should be open early 2017, hopefully in March.

Knope-Jenkins Gym is proud to be the premier place to train for American ninja warrior in the Portland Metro area. Cody is currently training to compete on the show in 2017, and has built much of the course at his personal training studio. If you are serious about wanting to compete on the show, or would like to prepare for a mud run, or even are just interested in improving your fitness in a fun and unique way, Knope-Jenkins Personal Training is the place for you!

Currently, the obstacles that are complete are:

  • Quad steps
  • Hanging nun-chucks
  • Cliffhanger/ultimate cliffhanger
  • Salmon ladder
  • Curtain cling
  • Unsteady tilter
  • Hanging doors
  • Cargo net jump
  • Peg board
  • Ring toss
  • Boulder alley

More under construction at this very moment!

If you want to compete and become the next American Ninja Warrior, you know just how important grip strength is in the competition. Knope-Jenkins Gym has  lots of training tools to help build grip strength. Everything from oldtime strongmen equipment such as Indian clubs and thick bars, to more modern equipment, like a bouldering wall. Cody is happy to help set you up on a training program that will unlock your full potential as the next American Ninja Warrior.

Click on the contact us link and fill out the form there for a free session with Cody!

(To clarify, Knope-Jenkins Gym is in no way affiliated with American Ninja Warrior. I am a huge fan, and the opinions on this website in no way reflect the opinions of the producers of the show, or the show itself. Please don’t sue me.)