Our Clackamas Personal Training Studio allows us to give you our full attention. Not only will you get the support & guidance you need to succeed, you’ll never have to fight crowds or wait for space. Our Personal Training Studio has plenty of space and all the equipment that you’d find at a chain gym, plus so much more. Best of all, when you are here there are no distractions. It is just you and your trainer focused entirely on meeting your fitness goals. No fear about people watching or judging you, as the studio is private and only trainers and any family you bring are here.


Curious about our unique exercise equipment? Working with a trainer here means we guarantee that we will find a type of work out that you will enjoy. Knope-Jenkins Personal Training clients have access to:

20150812_231643 Free weights and Kettlebells-Free weights help build strength and stability by forcing your body to stabilize itself instead of letting a machine do all of the work!I could go on for an hour about all the benefits of Kettlebells! Everything from helping prevent back pain, to increasing posterior chain strength, to the fact you will have a fantastic workout.
cuLMEVS Climbing wall- One of the best ways to make fitness fun! Get a full body workout that leaves you dripping in sweat. Whether you already love climbing, or you want to be ready to compete on American Ninja Warrior, or just want to switch up your workout, bouldering and climbing will help you reach your goals.
20150812_231743 Boxing, TaeKwonDo, and Kickboxing equipment- Other than the benefits of beating up Bob here, Martial arts are a fantastic way to gain confidence, get a killer workout and learn how to defend yourself.
20150812_232658 Squat Rack and Bench press set up- Time and time again, we have seen that the old ways are the best. While I am a huge advocate of functional training, mixing traditional strength training into your program will benefit you greatly.
20150812_232443 Cardio Equipment- Get your sweat on!
20150812_231802 Battle Ropes, and Yoga balls- Battle ropes are the best cardio workout you will ever experience!Yoga balls are great for balance and core work.

Indian Clubs-

Fantastic for shoulder flexibility, grip strength, and dynamic shoulder mobility.

20150813_153532 Slosh Tube and Slosh Balls- The slosh tube is the best way to increase balance, period. It’s a tube that is half full of water, and the other half is filled with air. As you move around and exercise with it, your muscles are forced to stabilize the tube as the water sloshes back and forth.Slosh balls; more than just deflated balls! If you cant tell from the picture, a slosh ball is a yoga ball half full of water. Doing carries and farmers walks with it is a fantastic workout.
20150813_155739 Tractor Tire- If you’ve ever seen video of people hitting or flipping one of these, then you know just how fantastic of a workout it is.
20150813_155834 Mace and sledgehammer- The Mace/Gada has been used as a workout method for hundreds of years. Working out with a mace is a fun and unique way to build full body functional fitness. The sledgehammer can be used the same way, but is lighter. My athletes who are still working their way up to the mace often use it.

In addition to the above equipment, I also have:

  • Grip strength equipment
  • Metuloius simulator 3d board
  • TRX
  • American Ninja Warrior obstacles

More pictures coming soon!