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Behind the scenes: Making a bouldering wall

One of the most recent additions to Knope-Jenkins Personal Training was a climbing wall! Here is the build process we followed. If you would like a detailed write up of how to make your own, click here. As per tradition, here is the finished product first! Here is where we started. I had a blank  Continue Reading »

How to build a home bouldering/climbing wall

Building a home bouldering and climbing wall There is no better way to improve your hand and grip strength then building a wall at home to climb on. Here at Knope-Jenkins Personal Training, we love anything that challenges our clients. We have always loved climbing, and with our focus on helping people prepare for American Ninja  Continue Reading »

Clackamas Cougar run 2016 wrap up

The Clackamas Community College Cougar fun run 2016 ended with a bang! Knope-Jenkins Personal Training was really happy to be a part of it, and we are looking forward to donating our time and use of our American Ninja Warrior obstacles again next year to make it even better! If you don’t know what the cougar  Continue Reading »

American Ninja Warrior Interview for the Portland Tribune

Q and A about American Ninja Warrior and Training. A month or two ago, I was contacted by one of the writers for the Portland Tribune’s sport section who was looking to write about American Ninja Warrior. Since I own the premier American Ninja Warrior training facility in Portland, he wanted to interview me, and  Continue Reading »

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