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How to build a home bouldering/climbing wall

Building a home bouldering and climbing wall There is no better way to improve your hand and grip strength then building a wall at home to climb on. Here at Knope-Jenkins Personal Training, we love anything that challenges our clients. We have always loved climbing, and with our focus on helping people prepare for American Ninja  Continue Reading »

American Ninja Warrior Interview for the Portland Tribune

Q and A about American Ninja Warrior and Training. A month or two ago, I was contacted by one of the writers for the Portland Tribune’s sport section who was looking to write about American Ninja Warrior. Since I own the premier American Ninja Warrior training facility in Portland, he wanted to interview me, and  Continue Reading »

A workout for the stay at home mom.

This workout is for the moms out there. Maybe you’ve recently had a baby, and know you wont have time to go to the gym, but still wanted to make fitness a priority in your life. Written for someone with limited equipment and space, this is the perfect workout plan to help keep muscle from wasting  Continue Reading »

Weight and happiness.

Lifetime Physical Activity & Health One in eight preschoolers are obese. Approximately seventeen percent of kids aged 2-19 are obese according to the CDC. The amount of physical activity in our nation is in a state of decline, not just in our school, but in our nation as a whole. Yes, obesity is on the  Continue Reading »

Why you’re probably working your core for the wrong reasons

Here at Knope-Jenkins Personal Training I am often asked by new clients, “What exercises should I be doing for my stomach?”. Now that question typically has a couple meaning behind it. Often when people start working out with a trainer, they want to lose weight. For both men and women, the place they frequently want  Continue Reading »

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